Contact juggling workshop with Van-Kim Tran, featuring Cyrille Humen

One with the ball

September 24th – 28th – Fellering (FR)

Hello !
We’re excited to announce a cozy 5-day contact juggling workshop at Marguerite & Cyrille Humen’s home and farm in the heart of Alsace, France, from September 24th to 28th.
Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced juggler, we’ve got you covered. From basic rolls to advanced tricks,
we’ll explore a wide range of contact juggling techniques using one, two, or three balls.
Plus, we’ll delve into partner and group juggling for up to three people.
In this immersive workshop, we’ll focus on the art of becoming one with the ball. We’ll develop a unique training method that incorporates Tai Chi principles,
helping you find unity between breath, movement, and juggling.
But that’s not all! We’ll also explore dance experiences to open up new avenues for expressing your contact juggling skills, whether you’re performing on stage or just having fun.
So, come join us in the beautiful Alsace region and take your contact juggling to the next level!

The outdoor space

The barn

The Training space

Van-Kim Tran

A graduate in engineering, and self-taught juggler, Van-Kim trained at the Lomme circus school. He has professionally practiced contemporary dance, buto and dervish dance, with Carolyn Carlson, Jean-Daniel Fricker and Ziya Azazi. For a few years, he has studied tai ji at the Qíxíng Taìjí Tào Temple.
He wrote a contact juggling and buto solo “Solstice” in 2014. Until 2017, he was part of the company Defracto, with whom he wrote the show “Dystonie”.
With Monad, Van-Kim developped a language where juggling and dance are one, the objects being an extension of the body. In their performance mixing whirling and juggling « Yin » and « Yin Zéro », Van-Kim and Cyrille invite the audience to shift perception, to travel through time and space, to cross the border between worlds.
Van-Kim is a certified tai ji instructor, following Master Waysun Liao tradition and has given juggling and movement workshops for many years : EJCs, Le Plongeoir (Le Mans, France), Katapult (Berlin, Germany)… He has also been invited to teach in professional circus school : Lido (Toulouse, France), DOCH (Stockholm, Sweden).


Our workshop offers 5 to 6 hours of practice per day, and we have a sliding scale to accommodate different budgets:

  • €220 for those with economic limitations
  • €260 regular price
  • €300 supporting price


There are 3 housing options on site (prices include charges)

  • Bring your tent and camp on-site with acces to a hot shower and charging station (€7/night/personn)
  • Dorm bed in barn (single €12/night/personn)
  • Private double bed room (€35/night)


The workshop will be catered : three hearty and primarily local organic meals a day, including vegan options, for €90 (including arrival night and departure mornig)


The workshop will take place at Marguerite & Cyrille’s studio and farm in the village of Fellering, Alsace, France. We will have a 60m2 indoor studio and a nice outside shadowy spaces.

Travel to the « Fellering » train station is just a 5-minutes walk from the workshop location. If you’re traveling from afar, look for the main city train station « Mulhouse Ville » and take a train or tram to « Fellering ». You might have to transit by « Thann ». The closest airport is Basel Airport, which is a two-hour train ride away.

Check out the map here:


Arrival: September 23th in the afternoon Departure: September 29th in the morning


If you want to explore the beautiful Alsace region, you’re welcome to arrive earlier or stay longer. The workshop is located in the « Ballon d’Alsace » natural park.

Marguerite and Cyrille can rent you a room for a few extra days. There are lovely hikes and paragliding areas nearby.

Note: If you can’t attend the full workshop, it’s possible to participate for fewer days. However, we recommend starting from the first day if possible.